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Common Information Model (CIM) based inter EMS/SCADA data exchange for Smart Grid
With the increase in use of IT applications in Power System,  There is a requirement of frequent data exchange among various power system application. As there are various vendors in the IT application development for power system, the data input/output format is not common among them. This issue has raised concern among utility companies to work a common standard which can share data among various applications seamlessly. 
GCS has developed a product called CIMBASE to resolve above data portability issue.This product accepts data in ieee, PSSe or user defined format and generates CIM compliant output.
Voltage Stability Analyzer VSAN
VSAN is developed by  R&D team of GCS to simulate transient, small signal and steady state stability of the power system. It also gives values for various proximity indicators to get information about proximity to voltage collapse point.
MEDIN: A complete solution of inventory management for a Pharma Company
MEDIN is a product designed by GCS to cater special needs of inventory management for pharma companies.

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